• They did the jailjouse rock! Lean with it and rock with it

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    Well, at least on this site, he definitely is. The moves and the groove of the King of Rock. Is it not kind of strange that the King of Pop also died in weird ways? No one claims he is still alive, do they? Same with Tupac? 


    Ain't that a great 50 cent line. 

    Well, in loving memory of three stars:

    1. Presley;

    2. Jackson; and 

    3. Tupac.

    We focus on their coifs at the end of the day.

    King of Rock

    He rocked the big hair where he was like a long hair don't care type. He would have loved the Ungovernable hair product so we have included that for your ease of clicking. Some friendly click bait. 

    King of Pop 

    Jackson was rocking a litany of hairstyles. We are sure that he used a flat iron from time to time so that is one included for you. The Reveal Pro remains number one in the game as we get our hands on that inventory.  

    King of Rap. 

    He is rocking the shaved dome and rolling around town in all that chrome with some phat rims. All about the razor and shaving cream.  

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  • Story behind Bvlgari - Greek life!

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    So you asked and we answered. Today, we are checking out Bvlgari. 

    Here are some quick hitters for all of our ADHD 

    1. ANCIENT GREEK: The Bulgaris descend from an ancient family of Greek silversmiths whose activity began in the small village of Epirus, where Sotirio, the founder of the family, made precious objects in silver. 
    2. FROM GREEK TO ITALY: In the mid-19th century Sotirio emigrated to Italy where in 1884 he opened his first shop in via Sistina in Rome. 
    3. FLAGSHIP: With the help of his sons Costantino and Giorgio, in 1905 he inaugurated the shop in via Condotti, which still today is Bvlgari's flagship store. Pay a virtual visit inside the Bvlgari flagship store in Rome, Via Condotti.
    4. TWO BROTHERS: During the first decades of the 20th century, the two brothers developed a passionate interest in precious stones and jewels, gradually taking over their father's role. 
    5. UNIQUE: During the 50's Bvlgari moves away from the strict disciplines of the dominant French school to create its own unique style. 
    6. The 1970's mark the beginning of Bvlgari's international expansion with the opening of their first overseas store in New York, and in Paris, Geneva, and Monte Carlo. On July 17th ,1995 the Bvlgari Holding Company S.p.A. is quoted on the Italian Stock Exchange Telematic system and the International SEAQ in London. 
    7. In the early 1990's, Bvlgari Parfums is established in Switzerland marking the Group's entry in the high-class perfume market. 
    8. In 1997 Bvlgari introduces its first collection of silk scarves, characterized by an original design and top quality manufacturing. The first collection of Leather bags and Eyewear are launched in 1998, while table and giftware complete Bvlgari's diversification program in 1999. 
    9. GLOBAL BASIS: Today, Paolo Bulgari and Nicola Bulgari, respectively Chairman and Vice-Chairman, together with their nephew Francesco Trapani, Chief Executive Officer, manage the company's development with the intent of better serving an international market, while remaining fine and prestigious jewelers. 

    What a touching story? 

    How about some products you say?

    Ok, as our tradition goes, like any other tradition, our tradition is about skipping the lines. Like for real, are you still waiting in lines? Are you still wasting your life? Why not let us work in the back of the warehouse while you post up in the gym!

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  • Boot cut jeans are back with the mack and the knapsack!

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    Hey, dirty, baby you got our money. Don't you worry. We said hey. Ok back to the jeans and ish. We free flowing in the a.m. Can't sleep on life. 


    People are horrified and particularly when they are on men.


    Earlier this week, GQ sent social media users into a frenzy after dropping the bomb. A fashion bomb. A mini 9-11 on fashion. The magazine cited Balenciaga's spring collection, which includes a pair of flowy jeans, as potential proof that boot-cut denim is slowly creeping back into our lives.


    In the world of fashion revivals are nothing new, but this seems to be one denim that the Twitterverse wants to keep in the past. Author Joe John Glenton expressed his dismay with a simple phrase: "Can't we opt to bring back something less horrific like cholera?"

    Damn, that is some serious intensity in the a.m. 

    Ok, if you are horrified by that but we bet you will not be by other things. 

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  • Socks for 41 - George H Dub that is | Step inside

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    George H Dub is getting one very fashionable farewell and deservedly so. When  the former president is laid to rest, Americans are taking to Twitter to share their colorful socks using the hashtag #socksforBush. He loved was well known, and he had a pretty impressive collection of quirky socks. Bush's penchant for the accessory seemingly grew after he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2007. Tough disease and a tougher man!


    When he began to rely on wheelchairs and scooters for mobility reasons, the former president's ankles were always on display. Turning to bold socks was a way of thriving rather than simply coping with his condition, as his daughter Doro Bush Koch described in her book, “My Father, The President." Great attitude. 

    “Brandishing colorful socks is simply his way of making the best of his mobility situation and still finding the joy in life,” she wrote.

    So we all love our manis and pedis - so we will focus it up on our foot products for you. 

    Now, what has become a fun tradition for us about those who wait in line. Yes, they still exist and it is crazy. 

    So we like to hunt down some pictures that show when you had to wait in line. You know that feeling when you are so impatient that you act like you are busy on your celly. 

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  • 9-11 it is an emergency - a NATIONAL LAMPOON emergency | Like a Boss

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    Ok, we all need a little excitement, don't we? Everything is bigger in Texas, ain't it? Yes, the heart palpitations as well. 


    Alfred Norwood Jr. panicked when he saw the man dangling from the roof.

    He had just driven his wife to work in Austin, Texas, and on his way back, he saw a man hanging from the roof of a two-story house, apparently holding on for dear life.

     It is exciting stuff to be working with this team and moving it forward. Keep clicking the bait. Perhaps, lose a little weight over the holiday season. 

    Norwood, 65, desperately tried to move the ladder so the man could get a foothold.

     The owners of the house, Chris and Hannah Heerlein, had spent weeks decorating their home to reenact a famous scene from the movie, when Clark Griswold falls while trying to put up lights.

    Everyone was aight even the dummy. 



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