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Welcome to part one of our nine part series of the beauty trends that will be massive in 2016 on Buy Beauty Tips™, the world renowned "EDU-Beauty Blog" on Buy Beauty Products™".  We continue to strive to provide you the most elusive and informational tips. 

Whether you’re in your 20s or 50s, you should be adopting an anti-ageing plan for your skin. Before you hit 30, prevent any early onslaught of fine lines by choosing a gentle cleanser that is free of harsh foaming agents (such as sodium lauryl sulfate, which strips the skin of natural oils) and apply a natural moisturiser morning and night. Sodashi’s Megan Larsen says as you enter your 30s, start looking after the delicate skin under your eyes, which has “fewer sebaceous glands than the rest of your face”. Once you’re in your 40s and beyond, it’s crucial to have established a good routine, so make sure you’re familiar with a good-quality serum (try Spanish Banks skin serum) for extra nourishment beyond your daily moisturiser.


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