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19. You’re not getting enough trims. We know now that we don’t necessarily need to get our hair cut as frequently as previously thought, but Cutler advises, “When you first decide to grow out your hair, make sure you cut off all damage and split ends. A split end can end up splitting all the way up the length of the hair, leaving it weak.” Says Edgar Parra of Sally Hershberger Downtown, “It’s not about cutting a lot every time, it’s about cutting a little bit every time. Think of it as hairstyle maintenance.” So, as a general rule, cut what needs to be cut, when it needs to be cut, and go from there


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  • Posted On December 25, 2015 by Jin L.

    This article scared me about split ends!! It can go that far up? Yikes!

  • Posted On December 25, 2015 by Julia E.

    It is like any other beauty practice in that you have to stay regular and consistent. Beauty maintenance can be boring but all too important if you want to be at your best!

  • Posted On December 25, 2015 by Kendra M.

    This article makes complete sense and I wish I knew this years ago!

    I love how these blogs are cross-referenced to the experts…so smart and informational!

  • Posted On December 25, 2015 by Byron L.

    For guys, I just keep my neck and sideburns tidy. I never mess with the top as that is a whole new skill set that I don’t have!

  • Posted On December 25, 2015 by Karen A.

    My stylist does it on a huge discount but remember to tip so the house doesn’t take all the money!

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