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Welcome to another educational and edgy edition on Buy Beauty Tips™, the world renowned "EDU-Beauty Blog" on Buy Beauty Products™".  We continue to strive to provide you the most elusive and informational tips. 

Buy Beauty Products unlocks more beauty secrets relating to leftover moisture in your hair due to inadequate blow drying! 

22. You aren’t drying your hair completely. If your hair seems to get frizzy and fall flat just minutes after blow-drying, then it’s very likely that you simply aren’t drying your hair fully. If your hair looks dry, but feels cold to the touch, it’s a dead giveaway that there’s still leftover moisture, so be sure that every section has been dried to room temperature post-blow-dry. It’s the only way to protect yourself from unsightly frizz.

Please share your "moisture mishaps" and tips on the latest trends on Buy Beauty Tips™ remains the most comprehensive and academic EDU-Beauty blog! 

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