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Spanish Banks are a series of sprawling beaches in the city of Vancouver, Canada, located along the shores of English Bay in the West Point Grey neighborhood. Spanish Banks is located between Locarno Beach to the east and the grounds of the University of British Columbia (“UBC”) to the west. British Columbia is affectionately known as the “best place on earth” with Vancouver being ranked as the superlative tourism city in the world. The unique features in and around Spanish Banks are its low tides, which assist in accessing the nutrient rich ingredients, and densely populated forest with the acclaimed Canadian Western Red Cedars. The relatively low population density, temperate climate, long rainfalls and environmentally friendly inhabitants has allowed Spanish Banks and the Western Red Cedar to reach their optimal habitats.

The English explorer, George Vancouver, and the Spanish explorers, Galiano and Valdes, united on the Spanish Banks shores as the first explorers and it was so named. This union and harmony between Spain and what is now Canada remains a guiding force behind this company: an international brand that recognizes harmony between individuals and countries on a global basis. The products have excelled in the professional market that the salon and spa customers were disappointed that they personally could not purchase the them directly. The Company has rectified the issue and now provides the first of some its acclaimed products in retail and rebranded sizing and packaging for your benefit and consumption. Spanish Banks Health and Beauty™ owns the entirety of the legal and corporate property associated with this hallowed area inclusive of the area name (Spanish Banks™), the Canadian Western Red Cedar™ and Natural Hinokitoil™. When referencing Spanish Banks Health and Beauty™ the Company owns the trademarks associated with Spanish Banks™ and Spanish Banks Health and Beauty™ and those names and trademarks may not be used without the express written consent of this company, website, domain or its affiliates. 

Moreover, from the legal perspective, there is a restrictive regulatory scheme on the Western Red Cedar such that exporting is beyond challenging in the United States and Canada. The company's jurisdiction in world acclaimed Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada gives it not only unique access to the Spanish Banks unique gifts and the finest Western Red Cedar but a competitive business, supply and cost advantage which allows it to deliver a product to the end consumer at an affordable price. The Company uses the biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging to be compliant with the laws while respecting and paying homage to nature. There are severe exportation restrictions on the Western Red Cedar which makes the jurisdiction of the company competitively advantaged with respect to access to the sawdust from the Western Red Cedar. In Canada, the Western Red Cedar is under the “Export Control List” of the Canadian legislation, Export and Import Permits Act.

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